Museum Partnerships

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry
The NU-MRSEC has partnered with the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry to create a new temporary exhibit focused on materials science and society. The goal of the exhibit is to showcase the tandem relationship between human mastery of materials and the advancement of human civilization. The display will feature the latest in materials design and technology with applications in space exploration and nanotechnology. The exhibit will feature displays of a variety of material samples that will engage the audience through the senses of sight and touch while leveraging the leadership and technical resources of Northwestern.


The Materials Science Exhibit opened on March 19, 2015. More>

Two videos from the exhibit can be found by clicking on the images below.

magnets-video      carbon-video

Chicago Children’s Museum

The NU-MRSEC has partnered with the Chicago Children’s Museum to create a new exhibit experience, Tinkering Lab, focused on the self-guided exploration of materials. Northwestern undergraduate and graduate students have been recruited by the Center to participate in developing the display by experimenting with different approaches to facilitation for various age and demographic groups. The exhibit offers visitors the opportunity to experiment with a variety of materials and tools. Northwestern students are involved in prototyping how different combinations of materials or different types of facilitation will best enhance the experience for visitors. The opening date of the exhibit is February 2013. More info>

Northwestern students prototyping the Tinkering Lab exhibit at the Chicago Childrens’ Museum