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NU-MRSEC currently solicits proposals for Seed projects focused on developing and characterizing new materials with novel properties. We would greatly appreciate your help in distributing this announcement to all faculty members in your department.

The Northwestern University Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (NU-MRSEC) is an NSF-funded interdisciplinary group of scientists and engineers working collaboratively in a broad range of materials research areas. The Center’s researchers generally work in Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs), but new investigators are often first funded through Seed projects. Seed funding is designed to be short-term, thus allowing the investigator to procure sufficient preliminary results to attract long-term funding either within the MRSEC or from other external funding sources. For more information about the Center and its current research areas, please visit the research section of the website.

The Center is now inviting proposals for Seed project funding in materials-related research. Seed applications should propose frontier materials research that enhances the overall research direction of the NU-MRSEC. The proposal should clearly explain the nature of the project and possible collaborations with existing IRGs. Seed projects typically receive support for one graduate student for two years.

The application deadline is Friday, November 10, 2017. Project funding is expected to begin in Winter 2018.

Download Seed proposal template here.