Biomaterials Laboratory

Cook Hall, 2078
Laboratory Director: Derk Joester, MSE

This laboratory houses equipment used for maintenance, processing, and characterization of biological materials and biomaterials. Equipment is available for the maintenance, sterile manipulation, and microscopic analysis of cell cultures of invertebrate cell lines and algae cell cultures. A 96 sqft walk-in environmental room with variable temperature and humidity is available for work with organisms that require controlled conditions at temperatures below ambient. Furthermore equipment for general biochemical work, chemical synthesis, dust free processing, and plasma-cleaning of surfaces is available. For a complete list, see below.

Norlake Environline Walk-In Environmental room (96 sq.ft. , 4-24° C)

Binder refrigerated incubator
Binder forced convection oven

Mettler-Toledo XP205DR analytical balance
Mettler-Toledo 4100G X toploader balance

Eppendorff Minispin Centrifuge
Eppendorff 5804R refrigerated centrifuge

Brinkmann R210 rotary evaporator

VWR minivortex MV1

Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner 5.7L

Various membrane and high vacuum pumps
Mettler-Toledo pH-meter

Brinkmann PD5101 Peristaltic Pump
Gradient Mixers

Labconco 5’ Purifier Logic Class II Type A2 Biosafety
Labconco 4’ Horizontal Clean Bench
2x Kewaunee 6’ Chemical Fume Hood

Lauda Recirculating Chiller

Harrick plasma cleaner


Flammables Refrigerator, Freezer

Branstead Nanopure Diamond UV/UF Water Purification Unit

Microscopes: Leica MZ-6 Stereo, Leica DMIL Inverted Phase Contrast