Polymer Characterization Laboratory

Cook Hall, 2008/1034
Laboratory Director: Kenneth Shull, MSE
Laboratory Manager: Carla Shute, MSE

This laboratory is oriented toward the polymer community, providing researchers with space and specialized instrumentation for the physical characterization of polymeric materials. Equipment is available for the determination of rheological properties and thermal behavior of polymeric and other materials.


Thermal analysis – DSC/TGA
For Thermodynamic Characterization, the Mettler Toledo TGA-DSTA851 and TA Instruments DSC250 are capable of automatic data acquisition and analysis of transition temperatures and heats of melting, crystallization, and reaction. The temperature range for the calorimeter is -90°C to 500°C and for the thermal gravimetric analyzer, up to 1100°C.

Rheology – viscoelastic properties
The Anton Paar MCR302 rheometer is equipped for the measurement of viscoelastic properties of polymer solutions, melts, and solids at various sheer rates and temperatures. Several test fixtures and a hood accessory are available to accommodate a wide range of samples and experimental setup requirements.