Ultrafast Plasmonics Facility

Ultrafast Plasmonic Laboratory

TECH, 2145 Sheridan Road
Laboratory Director: Richard Van Duyne, Chemistry

The industry-sponsored Ultrafast Plasmonics Facility at the Northwestern University Technological Institute creates a new research infrastructure in ultrafast spectroscopy that will promote collaborations between internal and external MRSEC members as well as with the industry sector. This new undertaking provides new tools to IRG 3 and other researchers who perform nanoscale spectroscopy. In a joint effort with industry sector, the new facility is equipped with the latest generation ultrafast lasers and optical parametric amplifiers. Princeton Instruments and Andor Technology are both loaning state-of-the-art equipment for this facility in exchange for NU users subsequently providing demonstration of these equipment to their prospective customers. Andor Technology has particular interest in loaning instruments related to Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS); these instruments will provide greater accesibility to this technology for all shared facility users of MRSEC from Northwestern and beyond. The alliance between the different research groups and companies promotes knowledge sharing and hence better training of the participating members. The companies have vested interest in supporting the demonstration equipment, so users can get the best results and reduce overhead. The concept of the Ultrafast Plasmonics Laboratory has received positive reviews and support from other companies such as GE Global Research, HP InventĀ®, NanoIntegris, Lynntech, Cabot, Snowy Ridge Instruments, Photon Systems, and NanoSphere.