International collaborations and activities play an important role in the MRC’s vision. They form ties abroad, enhance the MRC’s diversity, provide our students with opportunities to explore science and culture in foreign countries and introduce a route of disseminating the MRC research globally. On the one hand, the Center seeks to improve U.S. research capabilities through international cooperation; on the other it is our goal to enhance materials research, education, and outreach activities around the globe. Currently, international collaborations at the IRG and Seed levels span 4 continents and 30+ academic institutions, industry and national laboratories. For details, please contact Professor Tamar Seideman, Director, International Outreach Activities.


Visiting Scholarships at the Tel-Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute of Science
The Northwestern University Materials Research Center, jointly  with the International Institute for Nanotechnology, the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and the Nanoscience Centers at our partner institutions, support an exchange program for faculty, postdoctoral associates, and graduate students. Call for proposals. Learn more.

Brain Korea 21 (BK21)
This research-oriented education program partners with Ajou University, Suwon, Korea, involves an annual exchange of researchers in the area of nanotechnology. In Phase 3 of this program, the focus will be on materials research in the area of sustainability. Participating Center faculty will be part of an exchange programs for both U.S. and Korean graduate students through research and educational outreach activities.

Nanoamaterials Undergraduate Research in Germany (NanoRING)
To educate a globally engaged science and engineering workforce capable of leading international research efforts in the rapidly developing field of nanotechnology, Nanomaterials Undergraduate Research in Germany (NanoRING) provides ten-week undergraduate nanoresearch opportunities to Northwestern University and University of Texas, San Antonio students at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany, with specific research focus on nanomaterials covering the subtopics of nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, and nanobiomaterials. Learn more.

U.S.-Dutch International Research Experience for Undergraduates (U.S.-Dutch IRES): Each summer, the program will support a cohort of graduate and undergraduate students for an eight-week session to conduct cultural heritage-related basic research in the Netherlands. The central research environment of the IRES students will be the Atelier Building (Ateliergebouw), a core facility grouping the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Rijksmuseum (RMA), the scientific research arm of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE), the Delft University of Technology (TUDelft), and the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI). Learn more.