The Northwestern University Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (NU-MRSEC) advances world-class materials research, education, and outreach via active interdisciplinary collaborations within the Center and with external partners in academia, industry, national laboratories, and museums, both domestically and abroad. The intellectual merit of the NU-MRSEC resides primarily within its interdisciplinary research groups (IRGs) and seed-funded projects that promote dynamic evolution of Center research foci. IRG-1 entitled “Reconfigurable Responses in Mixed-Dimensional Heterojunctions” explores nanoelectronic materials systems that simultaneously process and store information to provide functionality exhibited by more complex biological systems such as neural networks. IRG-2 entitled “Functional Heteroanionic Materials via the Science of Synthesis” brings together experts in bulk crystal and thin-film synthesis, computational design of materials, and advanced characterization to expand a relatively unexplored class of materials with unconventional combinations of properties such as high electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity. Learn More.

IRG 1: Reconfigurable Responses in Mixed-Dimensional Heterojunctions

IRG 2: Functional Heteroanionic Materials via the Science of Synthesis

Broader Impact

The Center seeks to expand interest in science and engineering by implementing innovative outreach infrastructure and programs designed to inform the public about current research trends and inspire talented and diverse students as future scientists. Learn More.
The Center provides the physical and intellectual infrastructure to nucleate collaborative opportunities in materials research both on and off the Northwestern campus, in addition to transitioning its diverse research portfolio into new commercial opportunities. Learn More.
International collaboration enhances the research goals of the Center and helps train visionary and globally competitive U.S. materials researchers with direct experience with international R&D infrastructures and practices. Learn More.
The Center maintains an extensive set of diverse shared facilities that provide faculty, students, and industrial partners with access to state-of-the-art equipment and hands-on training from expert technicians. Learn More.

Recent News

Recent Work

Mark Hersam Named US Science Envoy

Northwestern Engineering’s Mark Hersam has been selected as a US Science Envoy by the US Department of State. He began

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James Rondinelli Receives Outstanding Young Investigator Award

Northwestern Engineering’s James Rondinelli has been selected to receive the Outstanding Young Investigator Award from the Materials Research Society (MRS).

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Teri Odom Named Fellow of Materials Research Society

Teri Odom (IRG3) has been elected as a Fellow of Materials Research Society (2016). News Archive

Monica Olvera de la Cruz Awarded 2017 Polymer Prize of the American Physical Society

for “outstanding contributions to the theoretical understanding of polymers and the effects of electrostatic interactions on their structure and properties.”

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