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IRG-2: Orchestrated Iontronics via Dynamic Hybrid Ionic/Electronic Conductors


The vision of IRG-2 is to understand and leverage the diverse mechanisms and cooperativity of ionic and electronic processes in hybrid organic/2D layered materials (2DLM) conductors to enable AI materials.  Nature orchestrates long-range electrical signaling and ionic fluxes to perform sensory integration, decision making, and learning in a highly resource-efficient manners, but these abilities have not yet been realized in engineered materials.  While traditional electronics in the form of semiconductor logic circuits have been leveraged to perform artificial intelligence (AI) functions, they are energy-inefficient and limited to highly specialized tasks (for example, pattern recognition). In contrast, IRG-2 will deliver "Materials for AI' by designing hybrid ionic/electronic conductors (HIECs) that mimic biological neuronal behaviors, thus accelerating advances in computation, robotics, and bioelectronics.

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