The Northwestern University Materials Research Center maintains a number of shared facilities that provide faculty, students, and industrial partners with access to state-of-the-art equipment. Large facilities generally have on-site managers and regularly offer short courses on the use of the equipment. All users are encouraged to contact the facility director and/or manager directly for additional information. You can also download the printer-friendly Directory of MRSEC Facilities.

External users wanting to perform analyses on-site must complete the Volunteer and Visitor Lab Agreement and complete online training. When asked to submit your group name, enter your institution’s name, and we will work with facility managers to set up your accounts and show you how to arrange training.

NU-MRSEC is part of the Materials Research Facilities Network (MRFN). The primary goal of the program is to maximize the use of advanced characterization facilities within the greater scientific community. Please visit MRFN for comprehensive information.


MRSEC Shared Facilties

Center for Atom Probe Tomography (NUCAPT)
Facility Director: David Seidman, MSE
Facility Manager:  Dieter Isheim , MSE

Central Laboratory for Materials Mechanical Properties (CLaMMP)
Facility Directors:David Dunand, MSE
Facility Manager: Mark E. Seniw

Electron Probe Instrumentation Center (EPIC)
Facility Director: Vinayak P. Dravid, MSE
Facility Managers: Jinsong Wu, Karl Hagglund, Reiner Bleher, Kai He.

Glovebox Inert Atmosphere (N2) Thin-Film Fabrication and Testing (GIANTFab) Facility
Facility Director: Nathan La Porte, Chemistry

High Resolution Electron Microscopy and Surface Structure Facility
Facility Director: Laurence D. Marks, MSE

X-ray Diffraction and Materials Deposition Facility
Facility Director: Michael Bedzyk, MSE
Facility Manager: Jerry Carsello
Facility Manager: Bruce Buchholz

Keck Interdisciplinary Surface Science Facility
Facility Director: Vinayak Dravid, MSE
Facility Manager: Xinqi Chen

Magnet, Low Temperature, and Optical Facility
Facility Director: Nathaniel Stern, Physics & Astronomy

Materials Processing & Microfabrication Facility
Facility Director: Vinayak Dravid, MSE
Facility Manager: Anil Dhote

Materials Characterization & Imaging Facility
Facility Director: Derk Joester, MSE
Facility Manager: Carla Shute

NUFAB Cleanroom Facility
Facility Director: Vinayak Dravid, MSE
Facility Manager: Nasir Basit

Scanned Probe Imaging and Development Facility
Facility Director: Vinayak Dravid, MSE
Facility Manager: Gajendra S Shekhawat

Surface Science Facility
Facility Director: Yip-Wah Chung, MSE

Pulsed Laser Deposition Facility
Facility Director: Michael Bedzyk , MSE
Facility Manager: Bruce Buchholz

MRSEC Laboratories

Biomaterials Laboratory
Laboratory Director: Derk Joester, MSE

Charge Transport Laboratory 
Laboratory Director: Mark Hersam, MSE

Polymer Characterization Laboratory 
Laboratory Director: Carla Shute, MSE

Impedance Spectroscopy Laboratory 
Laboratory Director: Derk Joester, MSE